Loser of the Week
October 7, 2013

I'm going to turn 29 this month and yet I feel like such a piece of shit.  I have no accomplishments at all in my life.

Wasted 8 years in community college just to get a useless 2 year AA degree.  I failed alot of classes and switch majors when I couldn't pass a class. 

Hate my body image,  I'm scrawny as fk for my age.  I barely go once a week to the gym.  I don't even know the fk I'm doing there. 

Have 0 friends, never had a gf, no confidence in meeting women.  Who would want a loser like me?

Stuck at a dead end job for 3 years, don't know wtf to do.



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  1. iraqstar iraqstar said: get married
  2. Loser4life Loser4life said: I feel you man. Same shit here, sometimes I wonder if life is worth living , no girlfriend or anything good to look forward to , plus I'm balding an I'm 21 years old. Hahaha what kind of life is this?
  3. japanlover japanlover said: I really think depressed people in the United States would be happier in another country. I know I would.
  4. japanlover japanlover said: Finally I found your post. Single and two associates degrees. I know that crap. If you are an engineer,scientist, or someone in IT. Go get a bachelors. Engineer or scientists, go for masters, if specializing in vendors, gets certificates.
  5. moneyloser moneyloser thinks you're a loser
  6. ifeelcursed ifeelcursed thinks you're a loser