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Loser of the Week
September 17, 2013
I read almost every one of the stories written. And here's the thing, most of us don't realize how lucky we have it. That last post really hit me hard, because that kid's just looking for a girl to talk to! And I would talk to anyone on here just because they feel lonely. You might be think well who the heck is she to tell me how I feel? I've been there I've thought of and have attepmted suicide multiple times. And I realized that the boy who is tongue tied and has a strange eye has it worse than me. I was diagnosed with depression and extreme anxiety last year and so that just sunk me deeper into depression. Everyday I worry about how people think of me. Are they talking about me when I leave? Do they think I'm weird? Am I too desperate? I have never have a boyfriend and I am in 9th grade. Unless you consider two 3 year olds kissing as having a boyfriend. So I am terribly desperate for a guy and I've been told I'm clingy and "thirsty." I was asked to homecoming, but found out that my best friend told him to ask me. And I really liked and still like this kid after he told me that I was being clingy. I honestly love him and I asked him out the same day he asked me to homecoming. I cannot believe how stupid I am. That was the 4th time I tried to take my life. The first time, I was in 7th grade. I had just gotten my haircut really short, a pixie cut. Boys on the bus, who I had been friends with since we were little (one was the first boy I kissed unofficially) called me Jusin Beiber. I don't know how it made sense, but it got to me. And I was so upset that I took 5 ibuprofen at once. That was supposed to react badly with my medicine and my weight, but my meds had worn off by then. The second time my grades were slipping and my parents were really upset. My dad threatened to beat me with his belt 5 times for each bad grade I had. So I tried cutting myself. But a voice is my head just kept telling me "You're a pussy. You won't do it." And thankfully the voice was right. I don't remember the third time. People tell me about it, that I drank so much vodka that I passed out and choked on my own vomit. But I don't know why... No one made fun of me my grades were finally good, I don't real ember any of it. Don't ever call yourself a loser. Cause there's a purpose for you somewhere on this beautiful blue planet!
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  1. JustNeverEnough JustNeverEnough said: You're not a loser and you shouldn't feel so depressed. You sound like a real cool person to me. :)
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