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I am a hallow vessel, the body is a tool for the survival of the mind. Without the mind there is nothing, and without something there is no soul. The more there is in your life, the more your soul will feel. Yet, despite everything within my life, I feel nothing because I know the meaning of existence itself.

I would never want anyone to feel this way, I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy, so I pray no one else ever uncovers the truth that was revieled to me by, well, demons. Or at least that's what most people would call them. However, they are simply other life forms caught between the positive and negative energies that move the forces of the universe. It's all science really, this dimension is very simple.

Life is complex and hard for many people, being happy is so important to all, however, something more important is to actually feel anything. Experiencing the greatest pain and emotional hurt is still a life. If a flower that bloomed only once could think, and during it's only bloom it was only able to gaze at the sun while insects crawled all over it, the wind whipped it violently, and it's petals were plucked by strangers; it's thoughts would probably be grateful for being aware of it's own existence however short that time may be. Perception is the key to reality.

The secret I wish I knew before I lost myself in the realm of timelessness, was that life is easy and all you have to do is survive. Take pleasure in the things you can, and learn from the things that cause you suffering. It's a one shot experience. Trust me. Athough a part of you will always exist, the collective world will forget your time on earth, and even if you believe in heaven would you actually want spend eternity if you are so hateful of this life in a mindset afterlife that borrows and reflects what your waking mind manifests? Cherish every breath, here and now.

If you still feel, you should.


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  2. tertoen tertoen said: You should explore Buddhism because then you will understand the true meaning of life. True meaning of life takes a lifetime to understand.
  3. Mergein Mergein said: I am happy that i am not the only one.
  4. Mergein Mergein said: Hi i think your the lazy type like me and bro i know how you felt knowing the meaning of life because i understand it too its so meaningless that you almost go insane i wish i could chat with you
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