I'm a total loser because:

Loser of the Week
September 8, 2014

I am the biggest loser in this world. I sleep all day long. I have never ever done anything in life. No job, no business, nothing at all. I have done nothing for the human race. Just releasing carbon dioxide and I am a burden. Please reply to my msg and abuse me. I am 33 yrs old and I have no will power. I delay work and then dun do it. I just surf internet all day ling. I believe that I'll die and my entire family will die along with me. I dun respect my parents. I just dun deserve a single bread to eat. Yet god gives me a lot. Y god y.. why have you kept me alive.  Why have u given me such destructive brain. Whatever bad I say it happens. Why I have no courage.why m I so fearful. So timid. Why have u made such kind of a person.i can challenge the entireeeeee universeeeeee that there's no one else like me.. I can challenge and bet all the little money that I have. 

    Please anyone out there abuse me. Msg me back. Feel better for yourself that u r not at all ad big a loser like me.

Can u imagine I do not earn. I do not have a place to work. People work from young age and work forever but I am 33 yr old male and I just can't work. everybody works. Even a beggar has to ask for alms. At least he's doing something. Atleast he begs but I can't even beg. There's no will to earn at all...........

I simply sit all day long and stay in the chair for hoursssss.....even kids half my age work and earn. But why can't I.

 Please people abuse me. Kill me kill me kill me kill me. I have no friends, no family no one.  I am very very very selfish. I am a bad man. Even a crook gets out of the bed n goes out to fool people for money.

A priest goes to temple.

A poor kid washes cars.

A security guard looks after the area/property.

A mother looks after her kids.

A father earns for kids n take them to school.

A businessman sells his products.

A doctor cures patients.

A garbage truck driver keeps city clean.

They all have purpose in life. But I have zero purpose. How can god make such people.


Please is there anyone eelse like me? Who has never everrrr earned a single penny. And has no social life and  always says no to every opportunity.  I doubt.


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  1. totalchootiya totalchootiya said: we're on the same boat
  2. TotalLoser TotalLoser said: I know that exact feeling. Maybe we can talk and cry together.
  3. LoserChan LoserChan said: I feel you. You 33 year old loser coz i'm just like that. We're truly fucked up. Cruel world indeed. Btw eff you. :'(
  4. JD4874 JD4874 thinks you're a loser