I'm a total loser because:

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Hello dear fellowbeings. It pains me to see that you all are in so much pain. The current condition u r in is because of the law of karma. The soul is an eternal being that never dies, and which has lived many generations since the beginning of the cycle of life. The current situation of our pressent life is entirely based on the actions of our past life. The suffering now is a result of our negative actions in our past life. We are not being punished, but rather taught the lesson of empathy and development of understanding, which is developing compassion. For example; You having a bad parents is because you had either been a bad parent or had not been a good son/daughter to ur parents in one of ur previous lives. The lesson to be dervied from having a bad parent is that you will never be a bad parent to ur child because you don't want the child to go through what you have gone through or is still suffering from. Here is the development of empathy and understanding. You should not hate on your parents even though they have treated very poorly, but try to understand why they are bad to you and mostly likely is because they had bad parents or never received proper love. Instead feel sorry for them and try to reciporocate their ill-treatment with love. What exactly you are doing is breaking the cycle of suffering by being a good person or parent in the instance I have portrayed. 

What you think, you become. If you think you are a loser, you become a loser. If you think you are a winner you are a winner. All of you are going through websites like this so that you can seek advice or get a glimmer of hope to turn around your life. Despite the darkness you all have hope, which is definitely a good thing. I have a lot to say, but I don't think it is wise to write such a long lecture because we all know.......

I have this mantra of a Buddhist supernatural saint and deity GURU PADMASAMBHAVA:


The mantra is almost 1500 years old and it really works. It has turned by life around. To be honest i actually had a dream where i saw this deity and he handed me a chit which had the website address of this page and i realized that i had to spread his help to you all. You don't have to believe my story becasue i also will find it hard to believe had it not happened to me. Recite this mantra 118,000 times and visualize the deity(image can be found online). Pray to him and please maintain proper hygiene like don't pray to him without brushing ur teeth and without washing ur face and hands. I know this may seem absurd to some of you, but since your life is like hell why not give it a shot? Given the chance this can make your life only better, not any worse. 

What exactly is the purpose of life? It is very simple. The purpose of life is to attain peace. Peace is attained by controlling our mind and which can be done though techniques like meditation and total understanding. 

  1. pieceofshit pieceofshit said: This is the reason I am so sensitive to negativity - it is paplable - I can totally feel it... no one has to say a fucking thing - I can tell it's there... used to save my ass with my parents - I could leave before a beating - now it's such a burden..
  2. pieceofshit pieceofshit said: My mother got hit on her head with a shovel by her mother - so she hit my brother over the head with a guitar - that's how it works. To avoid being that way - it takes deep analysis of yourself and others, strong motivation and commitment.
  3. pieceofshit pieceofshit said: I have experienced states of peace ,the' soft' mind as well as bliss/ecstasy - however, these are not sufficient to ameliorate the psychological damage that was done. Rob Preece can explains the problems with 'wounding' more effectively than I.
  4. pieceofshit pieceofshit said: Your understanding of Karma is limited - there are primary and secondary factors involved and one is dependent on the other. Buddhists do not believe is a' soul' - the conceive the 'self' as an aggregate - an assembly. Ultimately everything is emptiness.
  5. pieceofshit pieceofshit thinks you're a loser