Loser of the Week
January 25, 2013
Well it's a little hard to understand my viewpoint so I guess I will discuss a bit of my life. I'm 13 and I just have been struggling. At a young age I had no friends but as I to older i developed social skills and got "friends". My friends consider me a burden and really don't want me around anymore. They just want me to go away. I don't have a relationship is also why my other friends hate me. I don't like any girls and I can't help it. Don't get me wrong I'm not asexual but I just don't like any girls in my class. I thought about counseling but my dad doesn't want to hear it. He kind of thinks of me as a wimp and so I just avoid talking to him about my life problems and my feelings about them. I have no admiration from the younger kids because a thirteen year old idiot sixth grader is always trying to show me up and aggravates me to the point I can't go near him. I don't fight because our school is anti fighting. I am crying out for help but no one will save me. My family is rich and sometimes I think God doesn't want to use me. I'm not good enough to be used or bad enough to be loved by Jesus is what it seems like. I ain't no pastors kid or bum on the street, I'm a middle guy. I guess sometimes I wonder what's the point of doing right if all I ever do is get criticized for everything. I've given up hope...
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  1. aloaqp aloaqp said: good. You give up hope, that is very nice bro. Hope is the first step to disappointment. You have just freed yourself from the bitterness life got for you when you grow older.
  2. Superloser Superloser thinks you're a loser