I'm a total loser because:

December 8, 2016

I know I was a loser!!!! I just took the same college course for the 4th time and failed again!!! Failed again!!! Fucking Failed again!!!!! Is this my role in life???!! Was I meant to be a loser???!!!! I see what my purpose is now. I fucking hate smart people!!!!!! Why couldn't I be someone that's intelligent??!!!! Why do I have to be so fucking dumb!!!!!! I am sick of this shit!!!!!!! Sick of being dumb!! Sick of having bad breath!!!! Sick of being laughed at!!!! Sick of being humiliated!!!! I've been at my job for almost 6 years, and I sill haven't gotten a promotion!!! I sick of fucking people winning all the time and I can't win at least one!!!!!  

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