I'm a total loser because:

Loser of the Week

Following my freshman year of college, I was packing up my dorm in a hurry.  (Running from low marks and loose women, yo.)  I was carrying a load of books and my room phone (which you rented in those days, and had to return) to the car.  I piled them all on the roof, as I fished in my pocket for keys.

Then I opened the door and fired the books in the backseat.  And I was gone like a reality tv star's dignity.

I was about an hour into the drive home when I remembered that I didn't go to the phone place to drop off my phone.  I looked over my shoulder and noticed that it wasn't sitting on my pile of books.


Then it hit me that I hadn't put it in the car. 

I drove off with it sitting on the roof.

Apparently the girls from the neighbouring dorm weren't waving at me as I left because of my outrageous hotness.  Well not JUST because of the hotness.

Funny thing is that I never did pay for that phone.

Of course, how could they call me to collect?


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