Loser of the Week
April 21, 2017

But I'm getting used to it so it isn't as painful as it used to be. I have gotten rid of all my social media so I'm not really getting any feedback anybody any longer. It's painful and lonely but I reckon it's better this way. I'm facing reality head on. It is what it is. You guys take care.

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August 3, 2016

It's been a while since my last visit here. I'm still losing and losing hard. I still have a small dick, like that's ever going to change right... lol! I've gained a lot of weight too, like I wasn't a fat bitch enough already. I did manage to find a good enough paying job though, but I honestly don't posses the skills needed to excell at it so im constantly stressed. Still haven't had a girlfriend and I'm almost 30...sheesh. still living with mom and dad and still maturbating every fucking day. Yep. Life really is good.

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  1. darwinthwarted darwinthwarted said: At least you got a good job, but I get the feeling about being in over your head. Someone once told me that most people can't actually do their jobs, you just fake it until you make it. I'm fat, too, so I get that part as well.

May 9, 2015

Would anyone miss you if you just killed yourself?

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  1. looseintime4eve looseintime4eve said: probably not lol
  2. totalfreak1 totalfreak1 said: Maybe a week...if you have parents lol...looser
  3. shitface shitface said: no
  4. theworsthuman theworsthuman said: No one, people are better off without me abusing them
  5. IamUrSoul IamUrSoul said: It is not important of what others think. U have to love urself because life is all about urself. Don't think of killing urself but how u can better urself.
  6. loserguy loserguy said: Just some family. No one else.

May 9, 2015

Im a loser of monumental proportions. I have absolutely no life at all. No friends, no girlfriend and a sucky job as chauffer. 

I fell for this girl online and it was mad fun. Now she couldnt care less whether i live or die( i still love you baby). The pain is immense, over someone i had never met. Pssht.

And this site is awful. It sucks it really does but who is going to put in the effort to make a site whortwhile for fucking losers right...? 

Ive been so desperate as to leave my email for some of you losers here incase you need someone to talk to but even you guys dont want to talk to me. Haha. It is what it is i guess. 

The realms if loserdom are no fun.






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  1. looseintime4eve looseintime4eve said: it can always get worse...or better...lol lets hope it get better for you own good
  2. IamUrSoul IamUrSoul said: you can talk to urself. Have u ever asked urself the question to urself, what is the purpose of life? try asking to urself and without googling just try to answer it urself.

February 1, 2015

No fucking way in hell am i going to my high school reunion. Ive heard of the successes of old classmates, im probably the biggest losser of the class of 2005. Fuck it. Ill just stay in the confort of my parents house, watch porn, and fiddle with all 4 inches of my pathetic little dick.

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February 1, 2015

Below average height

Below average intelligence

Below average cock. <---- this one kills me, really? Life? At least give me some extra inched to work with fucking hell. Meh, id probably waste them anyway.

Below average talent....

Below average everything.

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December 21, 2014

So im 27 years old, no girl, no friends, no degree, and i work as a part-time chauffer, which means im broke as fuck.


Oh, and im still living with mommy and daddy, so ofcourse i make them sick to their stomach, cause im a financial burden to them, and my life is just plain pathetic.... And you thought YOU'RE a loser....

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  1. Loohooser Loohooser said: You sound like a major loser but at least you made the effort to work as a part-time chaffeur. Stay in the profession for a while, do a good job and you could get more hours.
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  3. RejectBastard RejectBastard said: Me too bruh
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