I'm a total loser because:

May 9, 2015

Im a loser of monumental proportions. I have absolutely no life at all. No friends, no girlfriend and a sucky job as chauffer. 

I fell for this girl online and it was mad fun. Now she couldnt care less whether i live or die( i still love you baby). The pain is immense, over someone i had never met. Pssht.

And this site is awful. It sucks it really does but who is going to put in the effort to make a site whortwhile for fucking losers right...? 

Ive been so desperate as to leave my email for some of you losers here incase you need someone to talk to but even you guys dont want to talk to me. Haha. It is what it is i guess. 

The realms if loserdom are no fun.






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  1. looseintime4eve looseintime4eve said: it can always get worse...or better...lol lets hope it get better for you own good
  2. IamUrSoul IamUrSoul said: you can talk to urself. Have u ever asked urself the question to urself, what is the purpose of life? try asking to urself and without googling just try to answer it urself.