March 6, 2015

Herro dere c: 

Im a loser, yea but thats cool. Wanna hear my story? Well to bad cause' im going to tell it to you!

Oh look...a rhyme

Suffering with deep depression, I'm not very active. I like to stay indoors and be alone, i dont like people much. This has resulted in a lack of friends and social life. I usually only talk to people at school. Very rarely will you see me texting someone. Yes i do text people, but only around 3 people actually talk to me. Im also slightly chubby, which makes it even harder to make friends because in my school, no one wants to be friends with the chubby kid. 

Now, or, since i was around 4 i began gaming. Ive always been a gamer, which worsened my social life even more. When I was in 3rd grade, i started noticing my friends slipping away. Kid troubles right? Wrong! Me loosing my friends made my depression get a lot worse. I never really went outside, and I only did and still do when my best friend alexis are hanging out or when i have to go to the store with my mom. I do this usually everytime she goes out.

My mom, is the only basic remaning social life outside of school I have. It because of her that I still talk to people. Im confused though, people with huge egos, say to keep your "circle" small correct? When in reality they have many many people in their "circle". They dont know the true meaning of a small "circle" they dont know that "circles" like ours (if you have one) vary between few to no people. This misleads many people.

For once I'd like all those people to feel what it feels like to only have 3 or less friends. I'd also like to be more active, and skinnier, and i wish my hair was longer but theres nothing you can do about that stuff. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as we waste our lives being loners together.

  1. Samantha Samantha said: OMFG this site is funny as fuck.
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  3. TheNoone TheNoone said: I game to I know how you feel When a door closes a new one opens you just have to wait
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