Loser of the Week
August 29, 2014

Ever since I remember getting into kindergarden, ive always had no friends, no one to talk to and was always picked at, progressed worse all the way through high school, even got way worse when I came out and told I was homosexual. No one ever wanted to talk to me, I had people calling me queer, f*g, ect, I litterally had students come up to me and tell me im a complete loser with no friends, and said why havnt I killed myself already. My family as also neglected me sence I was a child, I ever do is stay in my jailcell sized room and basically set there till morning, even my little siter treats me like crap, she would say the most hurtful things like " I want a new brother, Stop talking idiot, shut up". Now I just graduated high school and found a fast food job at Jimmy Johns where the employee s and custumers treat me like im some useless tool with no feelings, my mom lateraly takes more than half my paycheck to live here. Its not like I can go anywhere else. Through my life. I feel like my life is pointless and i accasionally cry myself to sleep. ive never had one friend that friend or even a boyfriend, I feel like I have absolutely no one to love, hangout, or even communicate, no matter what I ever do I am ALWAYS looked down on by society even all I ever wanted in my intire life is was just someone who gives a damn. Im always trying my best to be kind and help. But why do I always end up being treated like useless crap? 

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  1. HarshisSatan HarshisSatan said: I envy you. Atleast u have a job. Atleast u get up on time go for your job everyday. I dun even go anywhere. I have no purpose to get uo. Even if someone tells to get up at 7 and be on 9 at workplace and you'll get 1 million then also I won't go.
  2. JD4874 JD4874 said: Hey Steve No matter what we face in life or how hard and lonely it seems. There is always hope for us. You are not alone. check out the web site www.jamesdoonby.com there is a place where you can find peace and be happy...
  3. JD4874 JD4874 thinks you're a loser