I'm a total loser because:

I have no family. I am employed by a temp agency. My salary for 2014 was eleven hundred dollars, hundred, not thousand. I am almost 30 years old. I have no job and no boyfriend. In mid 2014 I attempted to live in an apartment that cost $350 a month in the basement of a dumpy old house. I only lasted for two months there away from home. There were rats everywhere and they crawled all over my floor and through my food because it was a cheap place and old with holes in it. My landlord tried to flirt with me and get friendly with me but since I'm not generally attracted to men (I've only ever been attracted to two of them ever) in my life I ignored him, so he started flinging my stuff around and threw my coffee pot in front of my door. So to say the least, the place didn't work out. I moved back home after trying to strike it out and lasting two months in a ghetto. That was the only time in 2014 except for a short camping trip that I spent away from home. Men ask me out but I imagine that they are trolls who smell of skunk semen. A pretty fucked up, disrespectful way to look at men. I was desperately in love with a 6'3" Brazilian man from work with crystal green eyes and a long blond ponytail. We fucked once and he dumped me and we never spoke again. I was so in love with him, I just sat there rubbing his back before bed and marveling that God could create such a beautiful creature. But this Brazilian American man found me under par as I worked for the temp agency and made $1,100 last year or approximately $75 a month. I applied for 40 other jobs and was turned down. So I guess I will make another thousand dollars this year and work for the temp agency in 2015 as well.

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  1. fukkface fukkface said: Maybe you should start whoring. Or suck it up and give a guy a chance. You fukked a nice looking guy, so you must look okay. Settle down be a wife and relax or sell your ass.