I'm a total loser because:

Okay, so I'm not a true loser because I managed to write a book. But ever since I read about a writer with writer's block, I suddenly developed it. I did a lot of research at the library today and checked out fifteen books. The stack was so heavy I fell down in the library trying to carry them all. An edlerly gent shouted, "Be a lady!" at me, inexplicably. I have all this information but I just can't finish it. Tomorrow I will be at my side job, catering instead. I never thought I'd still be a catereress at nearly twenty-nine years of age. I work so sporadically my income was $9,000 last year. Stuck in loserdome. How hard is it to add an afterword to your 157 page manuscript? I need to back up my book with scientific facts, that's why. And the logistics of it aren't working out.

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  1. IamUrSoul IamUrSoul said: Try harder, i know u can do it. U have written a book which is very difficult to do so. it does not matter what u were but what matters is what u become.