April 17, 2018

more girls got away, i didnt talk to them,  i want to ask them out , but they r alredi getting f***ed by other guys

sad.. : (  

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March 25, 2018

still bald

still no get laid

still fat, depite efforts to lose weight


dying  , no education, no job, no car, no grl, no bank savings, no life, big big losER

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March 8, 2018

haven been laid in like a year,  dying here..losing money, cant lose weight, damn

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November 23, 2017

loser goes broke..

this loser's a joke!

loser sits and sobs

loser loses job

loser has no women

loser is balding

skin is crawling

feel like bawling

loser is too creepy

for women to get freaky

i should die soon

there no reason to keep breathing 


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November 2, 2017

wanted to post these periodically at the 1st of each month, but iam so much of a loser i could not even do that.. anyways, despite more attempts to lose weight, even after i went half anorexic after the girl i liked didnt care about me and had sex with her uber driver..i lost about 20lbs, but as a loser IT ALL CAME BACK.. and i could not even pull that off despite having started off very good, i dropped the ball...constant lose/gain has now lead to the worst ultimate thing..STRETCHMARKS, yes i know have really NASTY ones, despite not getting them the first 3 times i lost/gained,..my abdomen is now TOTALLY destroyed.  That if i even stood half a chance at a woman, she would be totally grossed out, so, i have not been laid for a real long time..lost a job and now i am scraping by, it is getting worse,  no girls/no job/no money/  and now i am not even able to lose weight like i had planned.. and now i have permananetly destroyed by stomach by having these ugly scars...life is bad, 

more loser chronicles next  month, 

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Loser of the Week
October 1, 2017

welp nothing has changed..i tried to go to a course for a school program in manhattan and sure enough this lovely petite asian girl was our guide for the tour day..of course i got nervous and looked like a weirdo, have notseen her since :( now im not sure if i'll ever even be able to get a good job, i am too crazy/or paranoid to attend classes and not freak out.  ifreak out all the time, n then i start to think ppl are seeing something in me that i know is either not there or im trying to hide.i always feel very paranoid and feel isuffer from agoraphobia, if you dont know what that means search for it, to get a better definiton of it..everyday iam like this, it effects my jobs and i continue to decline/get fired/poor work performance,  it is really fxxing my life up,  i have not slept with a woman nor know how it feels to wake up next to one,  to see her laying in bed with you, hugging her through the night then waking in the morning to her sleeping maybe have some mornin sxx or somthing,..but NO not me, not EVER, iam stuck in my disgusting momndad house with my mentally ill sister,  who negatively impacts everything im going through, making life 1000% worse,  there is no way out of this hell,  anywho, more loserly entries to come,  if you like misery and woe and to read about some guys cursed demonic life, stay tuned..,

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  1. bigstupidpooper bigstupidpooper thinks you're a loser

August 23, 2017

myown sister callsme loser under her breath... particularly after i just watched a nice porn with some lucky nailing some sluts..an i cant even get a girl to talk to let alone attempt to get laid...i lost almost every job i ever had. Even had a government job and i managed to loser out and f*** that up by being forced to quit...i talk to no one and have 0 acqiuantances/frnds or any form of social contact..i had a car and bad luck made me crash it and total it..so now i really cant get laid or do anything at all. i was nice lookn a few years ago but since am now bald, fat because depression and isolation made food a comfort and then it got out of control which led to becoming semi-obese. everyday is just a slow agonizing death, all  i am doing by staying alive is prolonging the torture and sadness. my body and organs functioning n work fine but my mind and consciusness died because i shut it all down due to the agonizing pain and embarassement. my body is the only thing stil alive. ..I'd like to add that now horrific ugly stretch marks running along my waist and stomach (throws up) depressed eating totally destroyed my body!! made everting 100% worse   : (

April 12, 2015
Holy hell where do I begin?? Well I basically died after high school.. I only had one job n I didn't keep it where I tried to chat/make friends n talk to a few girls that worked there.. But NO they hated me.. I became a gross creep and nothing like other NORMAL guys my age.. It's so fuckin miserable, I never had a real GF and now I have to pay hundreds of dollars to Hookers/Escorts just to fucking get laid!! And to make it worse I left the job so my life savings (I'm 22) is being wasted on Asian hookers who don't give a fuck about me.. Because I'm lonely and alone so I keep going back to the Asian Girl hookers.. I am stuck in a fucking nightmare ,. I watch porn and envy the guys who fuck hot girls both at home and on set.. And they get PAID to do it, while I sit and scrape the skin off my fucking Dick from jerking off a million times, it sucks..I'm missing out on so much.. And now I'm spending all my saves up money (Almost 20,000$) I also went bald and I had a hair transplant surgery I got ripped off by this A Hole n only made me look worse!! WHAT a Fucking Viscious NIGHTMARE.. top it all off, My cat had cancer and died...she was a great cat and she was so nice to me..and I miss her alot,,, also I liked this Asian slut I met and I think.she really geninuly liked me of course just as we get to know each other a few days later the cops bust the place and it shuts down..and now i will NEVER see her again.. : (..just my luck the girl i wanted to meet is ejected from my cursed life just like my cat dying...I take a job exam and the final shit storm came when I was disqualified

October 13, 2014
I've posted here before OH MY GOD my life..the person I am is a waste of everything I never had a girl before ..no kissing, Sex any of that great stuff that EVERYONE fuckin else is doing...I did really like one girl at this place I worked I totally fucked up anything I could have remotely experienced with her by Totally blowing my shot And I know she's fuckin with other guys and all those people but not me?? That makes me feel awful And to top it..I think about her a lot...and I know she's out there fucking some lucky dude who I'll never be...I couldn't even become her friend..I see she has lots of male friends who she talks to n acts friendly towards But not me huh? Ain't that some shit?? It tears me apart emotionally and I have rely let myself go thinking about this ...So bad...This isn't even mentioning all the other shit in my life God I wish I could Die or just float away and not even be existing anymore I am so alone and feel everything and everyone is Really against me ..I always said I was cursed And now I must live this torture 24/7. Sun Up to Sun Down. Over and over again Life is one Big Nightmare for me...wish I could be someone else ...FUCK LIFE FUCK LIFEEE!!!
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  1. LoserChan LoserChan said: Why would you want a girl who fucks around ? U truly r a loser

November 4, 2013

My existence is a sad thing all day long and everyday of my life is a horrific nightmare , I'm a piece of shit I can't get any real people to like me, I was cool in high school I had some cool friends but now after high school ended life has been awful,,I'm going bald prematurely I'm just 21 and I think I used to look good but now I'm ugly weirdo piece of shit,, I'm kind of antisocial weird especially around girls an its hopeless i think i have some type of schizophrenia/sociopathic traits n i cant tell if i really do or not and those guys don't talk to me anymore,, didn't go anywhere to college after hs, I don't know if I even will, I'm trying to get a job with NYC , I never have a girlfriend I'm so weird and afraid sometimes, plus I know other guys are better than me anyway, so what can I do??  I can't get sex with a girl im 21I have no life I'm socially awkward And Social sites like Facebook and Instagram just remind me what a loser I am, I see others with their girlfriends and all this n I get even more upset, I'm better off dead I just want this nightmare to end...

  1. tertoen tertoen said: Just shave your head and you will look badass. U live a life based on social media sites. Dont get fooled by all that happy looking pics, we are human and we all have problems. U r just 21 man, u still have plenty of time to get laid.