I'm a total loser because:

November 4, 2013

My existence is a sad thing all day long and everyday of my life is a horrific nightmare , I'm a piece of shit I can't get any real people to like me, I was cool in high school I had some cool friends but now after high school ended life has been awful,,I'm going bald prematurely I'm just 21 and I think I used to look good but now I'm ugly weirdo piece of shit,, I'm kind of antisocial weird especially around girls an its hopeless i think i have some type of schizophrenia/sociopathic traits n i cant tell if i really do or not and those guys don't talk to me anymore,, didn't go anywhere to college after hs, I don't know if I even will, I'm trying to get a job with NYC , I never have a girlfriend I'm so weird and afraid sometimes, plus I know other guys are better than me anyway, so what can I do??  I can't get sex with a girl im 21I have no life I'm socially awkward And Social sites like Facebook and Instagram just remind me what a loser I am, I see others with their girlfriends and all this n I get even more upset, I'm better off dead I just want this nightmare to end...

  1. tertoen tertoen said: Just shave your head and you will look badass. U live a life based on social media sites. Dont get fooled by all that happy looking pics, we are human and we all have problems. U r just 21 man, u still have plenty of time to get laid.