I'm a total loser because:

wanted to post these periodically at the 1st of each month, but iam so much of a loser i could not even do that.. anyways, despite more attempts to lose weight, even after i went half anorexic after the girl i liked didnt care about me and had sex with her uber driver..i lost about 20lbs, but as a loser IT ALL CAME BACK.. and i could not even pull that off despite having started off very good, i dropped the ball...constant lose/gain has now lead to the worst ultimate thing..STRETCHMARKS, yes i know have really NASTY ones, despite not getting them the first 3 times i lost/gained,..my abdomen is now TOTALLY destroyed.  That if i even stood half a chance at a woman, she would be totally grossed out, so, i have not been laid for a real long time..lost a job and now i am scraping by, it is getting worse,  no girls/no job/no money/  and now i am not even able to lose weight like i had planned.. and now i have permananetly destroyed by stomach by having these ugly scars...life is bad, 

more loser chronicles next  month, 

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