I'm a total loser because:

October 13, 2014
I've posted here before OH MY GOD my life..the person I am is a waste of everything I never had a girl before ..no kissing, Sex any of that great stuff that EVERYONE fuckin else is doing...I did really like one girl at this place I worked I totally fucked up anything I could have remotely experienced with her by Totally blowing my shot And I know she's fuckin with other guys and all those people but not me?? That makes me feel awful And to top it..I think about her a lot...and I know she's out there fucking some lucky dude who I'll never be...I couldn't even become her friend..I see she has lots of male friends who she talks to n acts friendly towards But not me huh? Ain't that some shit?? It tears me apart emotionally and I have rely let myself go thinking about this ...So bad...This isn't even mentioning all the other shit in my life God I wish I could Die or just float away and not even be existing anymore I am so alone and feel everything and everyone is Really against me ..I always said I was cursed And now I must live this torture 24/7. Sun Up to Sun Down. Over and over again Life is one Big Nightmare for me...wish I could be someone else ...FUCK LIFE FUCK LIFEEE!!!
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  1. LoserChan LoserChan said: Why would you want a girl who fucks around ? U truly r a loser