I'm a total loser because:

August 23, 2017

myown sister callsme loser under her breath... particularly after i just watched a nice porn with some lucky nailing some sluts..an i cant even get a girl to talk to let alone attempt to get laid...i lost almost every job i ever had. Even had a government job and i managed to loser out and f*** that up by being forced to quit...i talk to no one and have 0 acqiuantances/frnds or any form of social contact..i had a car and bad luck made me crash it and total it..so now i really cant get laid or do anything at all. i was nice lookn a few years ago but since am now bald, fat because depression and isolation made food a comfort and then it got out of control which led to becoming semi-obese. everyday is just a slow agonizing death, all  i am doing by staying alive is prolonging the torture and sadness. my body and organs functioning n work fine but my mind and consciusness died because i shut it all down due to the agonizing pain and embarassement. my body is the only thing stil alive. ..I'd like to add that now horrific ugly stretch marks running along my waist and stomach (throws up) depressed eating totally destroyed my body!! made everting 100% worse   : (