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Loser of the Week
October 1, 2017

welp nothing has changed..i tried to go to a course for a school program in manhattan and sure enough this lovely petite asian girl was our guide for the tour day..of course i got nervous and looked like a weirdo, have notseen her since :( now im not sure if i'll ever even be able to get a good job, i am too crazy/or paranoid to attend classes and not freak out.  ifreak out all the time, n then i start to think ppl are seeing something in me that i know is either not there or im trying to hide.i always feel very paranoid and feel isuffer from agoraphobia, if you dont know what that means search for it, to get a better definiton of it..everyday iam like this, it effects my jobs and i continue to decline/get fired/poor work performance,  it is really fxxing my life up,  i have not slept with a woman nor know how it feels to wake up next to one,  to see her laying in bed with you, hugging her through the night then waking in the morning to her sleeping maybe have some mornin sxx or somthing,..but NO not me, not EVER, iam stuck in my disgusting momndad house with my mentally ill sister,  who negatively impacts everything im going through, making life 1000% worse,  there is no way out of this hell,  anywho, more loserly entries to come,  if you like misery and woe and to read about some guys cursed demonic life, stay tuned..,

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