March 12, 2014

I Masterbate Often.  I Don't Have A Great Deal Of Self Control When It Comes To The Subject.  Well, I Can Control It Sometimes -- I'll Go Days Without Touching Myself.  But Sometimes I'm Like You Know What, I Am Bored, Fap Fap Fap. 

I Don't Make The Effort To Go Out And Meet Women.  I Go To The Gym And There Are Plenty Of Women Who I Can Talk To But I Don't.  I Get Shy And I Think - What's The Point?  

I Have Had One Serious Relationship.  It Lasted 2.5 Years. Since Then I Have Dated Women But Those Affairs Have Lasted Anywhere From In Between 4-6 Months.  

There Are Women Now That I Could Text And Possibly Start A Fling With But I Think To Myself - Where's It Going To Lead.  

Also, I Can't Help But To Think - If I Spend My Time Talking To A Women, It Better End In Some Sort Of Sexual Activity.  What A Horrible Way To Feel.

IDK I Think I Am Done For Now.

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  1. LalaSVD LalaSVD said: You're still better than me. Woman don't even want to bother me a second look.

February 25, 2014

Why Do I Feel Like A Loser?


Well Yesterday This Morning (If You Can Call It That), I Woke Up At 4:30pm Because I Was Up Until 5am Playing Bloons TD On My iPhone.  I Was Addicted For A Good Week And A Half And Realized It When I Woke Up Today After Dreaming About The Game, Hearing The Sound Effects In My Head, And The Music As Soon As I Woke Up.  I Layed In Bed Depressed And Contemplating Whether Or Not I Wanted To Skip The Gym.  I Ended Up Deleting The Game And Going To The Gym (GO ME!).


Also, I Am 22 Years Old, Unemployed, Not Attending School, And Living In My Parents Basement.  Loser Much?



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  1. tertoen tertoen said: Good thing u deleted that game, u r making steady moves for success. Please try harder and make ur life a success and put smiles on ur parents faces. I wish u a very good luck.
  2. themadhemper themadhemper said: now stop pretending and move on dump a**
  3. themadhemper themadhemper said: a real looser wouldnt do that fr*cken want a be
  4. greengoblin greengoblin said: Ummm... not up to the mark. You still got 5 years to play the guitar and die.