Loser of the Week
July 30, 2013

I am 16 years old failing high school ..... 
I have never had a relationship in my life
I so fat and failed in every diet I have tried
I hate my family
I don`t have a job
I have only 1 friend who is also a loser
Never had relation ship with god and never prays
Cry every night to sleep
I feel like I am a wasted space
I failed at learning piano and gave up
I hate myself so much and hope to die but too lazy to kill myself  

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  1. Aeasius Aeasius said: Your only 16 you have all the time in the world to turn it around... Your just going to want to change in order for anything to happen...... Just shut up nut up and do something about it... Because unless your rich no one is going to do it for you!!
  2. Youarentlosers Youarentlosers said: You aren't a waste of space, not everyone's meant for piano, why die when there's so much to live for, your family wouldn't have had you if they didn't love you, you can find a job, fat isn't a word, a friend is a friend, but please, try to read the bible
  3. Dmoney Dmoney thinks you're a loser