I'm a total loser because:

Loser of the Week

I am 47 yo woman with two grown sons.  Both had different fathers, both have hated me ever since I became pregnant.  

I have NEVER had a relationship that lasted more than a few months, except one guy who was married and totally using me.


Everytime I date someone, I fall for the same crap....they start talking about future plans (vacations, etc) and I FALL FOR IT....HOOK LINE AND SINKER.  I start falling for them and then they dump me.  I can't even cry about it anymore, its so predictable.


I am professionally successful, average looking, and nice as I can be to everyone I meet.  Yet I continually get dumped.


I even dated a guy who just got out of prison, figuring he would appreciate financial staability, if nothing else...guess what? dumped two months later.


I enjoy sex, and am told I am "great" in bed, so that's not it.  I try very hard not to be clingy, dont expect gifts, dinners or anything...yet I still get dumped.


I am considering suicide because I do not want to be alone anymore.  Actually, I am jealous of people who get cancer, because they get to die without the stigma.  Maybe I could make it look like an "accident?"


I cant bear being alone anymore!!!!!






  1. LameyNamey LameyNamey said: You're actually not needy enough. Be more high-maintenance and stop trying so hard to make the relationship easy for the guy. Show him you have a backbone and won't settle for bad treatment and bullshit. Expect more. If you don't feel good with him, walk.
  2. losiny losiny thinks you're a loser
  3. seriousloser seriousloser said: I have a similar problem. I can hardly bear to be alone anymore too. Too bad you probably don't live near me. We could be the loser couple.
  4. DaVinci DaVinci said: You cannot ask for someone to love you when you do not even love yourself. Instead of finding someone to love, love yourself. You do not kill the one you love and please love yourself and do not think of suicide.
  5. moneyloser moneyloser said: you'll find someone baby. don't worrey
  6. moneyloser moneyloser thinks you're a loser
  7. tertoen tertoen said: LIfe is not just about relationship, it is much more than that. U should do some volunteering or go to churches and so on, where you can meet good people and perhaps a man that will love u. Read books, especially spiritual books that will guide u. GoodLk