November 28, 2015

This post is just a reminder for me to accept the fact that everything is over and my life is a lost battle. Tired of trying hard. Things don't seem to work out. I cry all day. Words cannot describe my plight. I give up! 

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November 26, 2015

I used to be bright as a student. I am an engineer. Luckily found a job as HR. The Pat was average but the profile was like something which I had always dreamt of. Life seemed to be perfect with my parents proud. I had a good social status. But then within a few months I was forced into drugs by my married boss. He slept with me and continued to do it for a couple of months and when he was done with me he indirectly fired me. I'd never imagined that I would ever be a victim of abuse. Ever since I've been into an abyss of depression. I feel as if I will never get out of it. I've been so depressed that I tried working after that  but my mental state did not support me. So , now I'm  sitting at home, unemployed. Poor parents! I must be such a burden to them but they never show. I feel so helpless and so depressed. So hard to wake up to all this every morning. I was at the peak of my success in terms of the beginning of my career and within no time it all just vanished. It took away everything from me and most importantly my parents' happiness. 


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