Loser of the Week
May 4, 2013

Here's the fuckin' list:

20, still live with my parents, parents pay for everything, I don't clean, cook or do laundry, I never do anything productive, never had a job, can't do anything in life (no skills abilities or talents), if you're not psychic then you probably don't even know me, I realize I can do whatever I want when I'm dead as a ghost, might just end it drinking brake fluid, started programming then realized I was just a script kiddie, barely graduated, suck at everything acedemically (meaning I'm no good for a college or a university), had a low gpa throughout high school, was born with psoriasis all over my body, never had a true girlfriend, Only lost my virginity by a non-human being (someone who was dead) (doesn't really count), have had earwax (shit on my ears) and have to shower every day or whenever I'm around society, never do anything good with my free time, just mentioned having a girlfriend and virginity (how immature of me), am immature, completely failed math, science, psychology, biology, and history in high school, am despised by everyone, no one cares about me, got into satanism because I didn't fit in with the christian faith, have alien beliefs on death (as soon as you're dead you're a ghost) (and am not psychic but wish I was) (that's why I feel like dying sometimes), never read much of anything in my lifetime, am harassed and stalked in an organized way by something I can't explain, am the opposite of articulate, loquaciousm, and verbose, have a low reading level or am illiterate, was very annoying in elementary school and students hated me, stay up very late up to no good (used to on school nights), simpy don't know shit in anything, ask me what started WWII or the French Revolution and I wont give you an answer, spend too much time on a computer or on a device, never get any exercise, sometimes would stay up all night (even on school nights), completely childlike and immature, am stupid and annoying to be around, once injected gasoline into my leg, overdosed on antipsychotics 2 times, didn't do any damage but really pissed some people in the hospital off (went to the hospital too many times), was threatened by a cop for breaking things, once cut into my leg with a weed whacker (that makes me an imbecile), have a foreskin, I masturbate, was called a retard by a dentist for not relaxing my lip, not cooperating, and getting water all over the place, was called a loser by a counselor, can't use correct spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation, this is very long and a waste of your time, no one cares about me, no one will care or feel sympathy if I died or was seriously ill, I have no social life, am a loner (no friends), I had some of the lowest possible grades until paraeducators gave me all the answers and then I graduated but barely, I barely even shower (once a month or once a week), I avoid society, I had someone else pay for my welfare, don't pay loans, bills, or taxes

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  1. aloaqp aloaqp said: And yet, my friend, life goes on.
  2. applejackson applejackson thinks you're a loser