Loser of the Week
April 18, 2013
Have you ever had physical pain cause by emotional pain because you managed to fuck it up with possibly the only person who had ever cared about you. And the sad part is that she doesn't even know you cared about her as much you did because you were afraid to say something. Now it's done gone before it even began because you were afraid, afraid you weren't good enough so you said some things to push her away and you felt like shit immediately after saying it. You dare you say it love her because of who she is perfect being the only word you can use to describe her and she hates you all because you are the biggest dumbass in this world. Why the hell wouldn't you just let be what the fuck is wrong with you, what the fuck is wrong with me?

  1. arashk arashk said: thats fucking bad buddy...suits your name..
  2. Ladiesbane Ladiesbane said: Know the feeling, same here bud
  3. Ladiesbane Ladiesbane thinks you're a loser