I'm a total loser because:

Again...i make mistakes.Mistakes that keeps repeating.I hate it..i hate myself.Why i'm so stupid, why i do this to myself?

I hate it when i hurt somebody that i love..am i demanding?

Why i'm a Loser???

People see me i  have good loving family..but deep inside i'm just a loser fucking loser


My pay is low..i work  and work ...why i cannot make my husband happy why??


I want to cry but i cannot shed my tears..why becuase my husband will think im a whimp..i have to be strong and happy..and i caanot sulk.

I have to be sweet and nice.

I always wanted to go far away and die...

I have no achivment in my life that makes me somebody besides being mom and wife.

why do i have to carry this guilty why??I just want to go to asylum....i just want to break free this mental depression ....i want to stay away


Im a peice of shit..i hate my life



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