Here's the Deal

Some things are embarrassing. And some things make you want to change your name and board the next flight to Uzbekistan. These are the stories that can be found here: from the simply stupid into the realm of total loserdom. is a place for you to come and anonymously (or not) tell the stories of why you feel like a loser. Whether it happened that day, that week or when you worked for the Nixon administration.

Or you can just read about other losers who post, which will perhaps make you feel like less of a loser. Or maybe because you're a sadistic bastard and you just get off on other people's pain. In which case you should totally submit an entry.

Either way, if you think someone's post qualifies as total loserville, click the "L" in the right-hand corner. Loser votes are tallied to add up to the coveted "Loser Of The Week" title.

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Fill out the text form to tell us all the gory details of your total loserdom. Don't worry, we're not your parents, your girlfriend, or your boss. At least you better hope not.


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A picture's worth a thousand words. This is fine with us because we don't like to read.

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Video confession never fails. Who knows, you might get famous. Just ask that Star Wars kid or the dancing baby. Ask Charlie - then again, he bit his own brother, maybe don't ask him.