March 7, 2015

Hey there! :)

My name is Raka, sounds foreign huh? Yes its because i'm from far east (Not the Chinese). As you know, eastern people are somewhat conservative and hypocrite. But, they tend to overly critizing and unfriendly to a person who smarter than them, a modern version of jelaousy.

I'm a guy and 18 this year, and have no "real" friends but i do have a lot of people who see me as a secondary friend. They come to me only if they want something from me. I felt so lonely even my parents forget about my last birthday in christmas.

Now im on college studying Information System, and every section on my campus filled by many group. The popular group on the cafetaria, the hippies on the park, the "bad" guys on the parking lot, the nerd basicaly on their class, the jocks on the stadium, and so on. I tried to be open minded by taking a chance to "entering" each group. I've been struggling to "survive" the highschool and now my college life is just same like my highschool life.

And today i decided to take my life alone, without any fake person besides me. Really. But if you guys (who read my post) wanted to know me or simply just want to have someone to talk, just follow me on twitter (@adnamhcarakar, thats my real account) or by Skype.


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