Nothing says, "I'm a conformist and clearly not a rebel" more than wearing a Nike shirt emblazoned with the word, "REBEL".
Total loser.
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  1. loserguy loserguy said: Get the fuck out of here you are no where near a true loser. You couldn't live with yourself if you went through real issues. You have no idea.
  2. looseintime4eve looseintime4eve said: good looking looser
  3. waynetootin waynetootin thinks you're a loser

Loser of the Week
How lame was I for thinking it was a good idea to have hair that was twice the width of my face?
I realize it was the 80s, but STILL! 
And now one of the few newspaper clippings of me (posted in a Jobs section of a major daily newspaper) is something I'll never be able to show my kids. The shame...
No wonder my career never took off.
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  1. maybee maybee said: ur luk is gorgeous!!!
  2. childofaking childofaking said: you have a great screen name. I think you are too pretty for this site and should probably join or
  3. waynetootin waynetootin said: You can't blame yourself. The hair was a sign o' the times. Or CAN you?
  4. waynetootin waynetootin thinks you're a loser
  5. globetrottgirl globetrottgirl thinks you're a loser