Loser of the Week
November 30, 2013

I'm 16 and as the subtitle goes i have hardly any friends, cos i don't even make proper conversation, one of my friends stopped and probably purposely stopped hanging out with me because when i do talk i just go on and on and on about the same topic which i'm too dumb to even realise that i'm annoying her. At school i used to be know as the ''class clown'' and in the end everyone took advantage of that and took the piss, now i've changed but still when i talk people don't even understand what i'm saying half the time or ''pretend'' that they've heard what i said because some of the time i'm talking i mumble. The highest grade i've got is a high D in english, i'm in bottom class with all the people that can't spell the simplest of  words and bully their own ''friends''apart from that i do BTEC and get passes which anyone can get if they can spell. out of school, my schedule is: wake up, eat breakfast, go to the supermarket, washup, watch tv, go on facebook to talk to my only best friend who i've know since i was ten but moved a yr ago 6 hrs away (not suprisingly), moan to my family about how i never go anywhere (which is my fault tbh), listen to music, cook my food, look for jobs and volunteering, pretty much the same thing all day. I pretty much never get invited anywhere despite never moaning at school, and being known to be happy with friends at lunch time. One of my friends makes excuses like ' i have to look after my brother' and he's nearly ten, pretty much everytime i called on her which i've actually lost count on how many times i've called in the past, i'm not clingy: i haven't bothered to call on her in 2 months, in the past i only called on her every week or fortnight. She even got her brother to answer to door and say she was out, even know he was looking around and looked back which is obvious. My family have no money, i haven't been anywhere besides to the supermarket, and town and one of my other friends of friends party two weeks ago, 3 months ago. I'm thin,  pretty,5ft '4 but socially awkward, even my family pick up on this when i just get served in a store. My best friend wants me to move up to where she lives 6 hrs away, but obviously have no money, but i'd do anything to move away from where i live tbh. Well that was a long paragraph..

  1. Fedelity Fedelity said: i'm with you
  2. Fedelity Fedelity said: i'm with you
  3. Suchaloser Suchaloser thinks you're a loser
  4. Suchaloser Suchaloser said: Im basically the same pretty much fake friends no social life no job and do the same thing all day and check Facebook