April 27, 2013

hello all loser brothers/sisters

im going to beat some motherfuckers who thinks they are so cool and also bulled my little brother

actually when i was a teenager those guys bulled me too....but now im strong and know some crazy men

tommorow i will go to their neighborhood and i will do something that they wont forget 4ever...

wish me luck guys

(tomorow or 2 days later cuz i have to find the best time)

im still a loser and will do that for our community and people who have bulled

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  1. iraqstar iraqstar said: i got bullied too in my childhood . dont be bully like them . just encorege your little brother to do his job !

i was so depressed ...i tried to kill my self 4 times 2 times with pills 2 with cuting my hand......................... but now im cured and my life is really good after that i promise to myselft to help people who are depressedand have problems...........i know how hard and miserable is your life i can understand and feel your pain i think i can help u ,,,,u can find me in facebook and talk to me :arashk mousavi
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Loser of the Week
February 7, 2013

if u have no energy no mtiviation and u think u r a loser .... ruin every thing and your life is totally bullshit its maybe not your fault u have to visit a neurologist trust me itll work,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in the past i was fucked up u cant imagine and now my life is awesome ...believe me its not uu... u have some issues that if u solve them u one day ull be a great man or woman...but its a hard way u have to test so diffrent drugs and one of them fits u... and also dont forget bad doctor could make this situation worth so be carefull to choos the right one

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  1. Superloser Superloser thinks you're a loser
  2. FuckingLoserIAm FuckingLoserIAm thinks you're a loser

Loser of the Week
January 23, 2013

actually i think u all are not losers because you have the courage to write about yourself and you can face to that part that you dont like at all..

jus my idea :)

good luck


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  1. aloaqp aloaqp said: Once a loser, always a loser. Once a winner, always a loser. Once a dog, always a dog.
  2. Superloser Superloser said: Losers talk about themselves because they can't stop thinking about it. There's no courage in it. Winners don't sit around whinning, clawing for attention. They go out and get shit done. Losers dig a hole and wallow in it :D
  3. Fatpig82 Fatpig82 thinks you're a loser

Loser of the Week
January 12, 2013

i loved school played in football team i was captain of the team  and also with really good grades

didnt scared of anyone...had so many friends but now its about 2 years that i got sick..

i lost everythings .they kicked me out of team  my girl friend left me(u know why??? thats hilarious if your interested ask me in private)  i couldnt go to schooll and it happened jus one year before going to uni

an average uni accepted me (but because of my pre gardes they translate me to another uni)

and after that i realized that im scared of everythings couldnt go out last time i was beated so bad tha u cant emagine,,;0 and gain weight ...

nowadays i even cant sleep without my father at nights haha and im 19

so i accepted that im turning to a loser and lay in my bed and do nothing 

(after a week i laughed when i saw your site :))




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