August 10, 2015

While I understand that people insist I am a loser due to poor social skills, they can kiss my Morrissey-worshipping ass! I am capable of improving my looks and social skills, accepting what I cannot change, and rejecting the helpless victim mentality that comes with blaming my shortcomings on the identity of being a "loser". Look, we "losers" might suffer from depression because of social or physical disadvantages, but we can fucking improve ourselves. We have a fucking choice--we are not mandated by fate. We are choosing to stagnate. We can either better ourselves and/or accept and stand up for ourselves. We. Have. A. Fucking. CHOICE! Okay, so we can't choose whether or not we're picked on or rejected; I get it. But there is a choice within that--to stand up for ourselves. To say fuck you. To mentally agree but improve ourselves. I am a fellow loser, but I know this to be true. Rejected? Fuck it, approach 1000 others for a date or friendship. Told you're weird looking? Fuck it, either improve your appearance or educate yourself on unrealistic body images, then join a body positive community and educate others. Viola, built in friends, self esteem, and a positive way to tell people they don't have power over your fucking body. We can treat the underlying depression that makes us feel and act as "losers". I'm just saying that identifying ourselves as losers gives us an out to justify never advancing in life. We do not have to act as victims. 

  1. HopelesslyWeird HopelesslyWeird said: I have a great life and I'm a total loser. I do and say inappropriate things all the time and people get mad at me - complete strangers call me out. If I dwell on it too much I get depressed so I just accept I'm a loser and move on.
  2. theworsthuman theworsthuman said: Well said, and I'd just like to ad to what you said, a lot of these ' losers' are just suffering from treatable mental illnesses anyone who has depression can feel like a loser, social anxiety can stop you from ever trying anything. Guys you can do it.
  3. LexLoser LexLoser said: You seem like someone who's made it or least made significant progress on getting out of hell. I'd appreciate hearing from you.