I'm a total loser because:

Loser of the Week
December 5, 2013

Where to start ? I am 34 years old. I am from India. My life is pretty fucked up. My entire life, not just for 10 years or 20 years, my whole life. I thought of suicide two years ago, not any more, but my condition has not improved.

I was very very shy, arrogant, day dreaming person you can imagine. I could not speak a word any one in any situation, except my parents and siblings. I lack imagination. When I meet my closest friend I don't have words to say. I never talked to a girl. Even if I get over shy in rare cases I am total arrogant. I day dream of being a perfect human, nothing less than god. If some one insults me (which happens quite often due to my weird nature of interaction with my friends) I smile because I cannot cry openly, I cannot cry secretly either because of imagined super hero i am. I think and think for days or weeks or months. I cannot sleep, afraid of bullying from friends. My school and college were hell. 

Now I am working since 6 years, there is great chance of promotion but cannot help my self to to write few simple exams. I am always anxious and stresses for nothing. I can't sleep at night. My whole day is lost. I don't remember having good sleep or good laugh.

My friends try to call, but I always keep them away. I don't look at my Facebook or return calls. Every body have up on me. 

  1. maybee maybee said: u remind me of myslf
  2. probablygonna probablygonna said: you need to see "American beauty" he is a old man with a daughter in high school, and he just decides to 'get it all back' he starts running and then gets a stupid job at a fast food. and smokes some weed and then he has friends and doesn't care anymore.
  3. onlyluserlonely onlyluserlonely said: so that no another arvind came to life who is facing this ... ur family is ur part..
  4. onlyluserlonely onlyluserlonely said: stay away from facebooks... it's just a today's fashion nothing else... if u were in front me... i could make you understood better,,, but u will have to be better urself from heart... and to be strong... think abt ur children ... give them better life
  5. onlyluserlonely onlyluserlonely said: and yes... travel too... it will divert ur negativity ... and turn urself into a good thinker... the dreams u dreamed... try to complete them...if u have a good wife than... make her ur best friend... share ur everything with her... if she is good to u...
  6. onlyluserlonely onlyluserlonely said: @arvind... dude this happens to 1/1000 of peoples that friends r the reason to make someone's like u... enjoy ur job ... try to focus on ur aim... ur dreams... u r a perfect human dude... just look urself in ur own way...
  7. LittleLoser LittleLoser said: You need to travel
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