I'm a total loser because:

And why shouldn't it be me? I'm awful at sports, both participating and conversing. Skill-less. I have 200 coworkers who are all fucking Olympians. They live and breathe that shit. I'm unable to hold a simple sports conversation. Can't throw a football or shoot hoops. No volleyball or even dodgeball. Whether they intend to make me feel this way or not (and I think they do) I feel like an inept turd. Our real jobs are to sit at our desks and crunch numbers, so sports shouldn't figure into it but even the owners look at me with disdain like I was a poor hiring decision.

Then you oughta hear the way they talk about "awkward" people (and yes you better believe I've been lumped in that bucket). Being awkward is unforgiveable and you don't get second chances.

I lose out on being picked up on jobs because of these things. I've tried being outgoing but it always blows up in my face so I reverted to being quiet and sulky which also doesn't help. Just can't win.

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