I'm a total loser because:


I'm 31 and decided at 28 to go back to college to finish my degree. I stayed working but still need more money so borrowed from my mom. Now I'm a junior and am trying to get an internship. At my university they say it's practically impossible to get a job without having had an internship. My grades are excellent. My GPA is 3.92. I've interviewed at three firms and they all told me no. The first one said I didn't answer his questions in a proactive manner. He wanted me to address my variety of work experience and explain why that wouldn't be an indication of job hopping. The second one didn't give any feedback. The third one said I waited too long to go back to school, that I was being defensive about my variety of work experience, gawked at my age, and criticized where I live (in a poor neighborhood). One thing all the interviewers had in common was taking up issue with me moving from my home state to the state I'm in now. They all wanted to focus on it. They all wanted to call me nuts. Or a loser.

So far I've borrowed $18,000 from my mom. I've also borrowed $15,000 on my credit card for house improvements. I owe my dad $3,000. And I anticipate having to borrow an additional $18,000 from my mom before I graduate. So when I graduate, I will be not less than $54,000 in debt. And the gist of the three interviewers? If I was really valuable, I wouldn't have moved away from my home state. So I'll have a shiny degree that everyone insists you can take anywhere, a transcript that traditional college students would salivate over, and work experience that I think makes me more REAL than my competition. But every time I go in for an interview, all they can see is an old guy, a loser, who must've been running from something in Texas.

Here's my personal life. I had a girlfriend more than 4 years ago who would've made an excellent wife. Both she and her young son loved me and I loved them. I tried to hide my depression from them, and during a depressed bout I broke up with her. I've regretted it ever since. I think it's better for the boy because I said things he picked up and he was learning self hate even though I never intended that. Same way I learned it from my dad and I'm sure he never intended it.

The official line is I've been single since 2010. But in 2011 I began a relationship with a married woman. Losers bone other mens' wives. We talked about making it legit but neither of us was really serious about that. We were so stuck. I adopted a secretive attitude. Even boning a really hot woman I had a dark cloud over me all the time. The cloud stayed even after I got rid of her. Now I'm 31, never married, live in a nasty house in a poor neighborhood, no kids, crummy job, 17 year old car about to die, $54,000 in debt, worried I can't get a better job even after I graduate because my age, address, diverse work history, and I'm not a "local" in the eyes of my interviewers even though I've lived in my city for 10 years, no wife or fancy house, not any good women who would be interested as I'm past good marrying age.

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  1. RejectBastard RejectBastard said: but ur not big a loser as me
  2. RejectBastard RejectBastard said: So much debt... Thats bad... Thank god for wi-fi. BTW contact some hookers won't you
  3. SatansBae SatansBae said: Hey mate I'm sorry to hear that things arent gong too well but it will get better xx
  4. SatansBae SatansBae thinks you're a loser
  5. Loohooser Loohooser said: It sounds like if you got help for your chronic depression you wouldn't feel so bad.