June 29, 2015

i have no chance of catching a guy, because they somehow ignore me (at least real ones). so i spend weekends with my laptop and cacti. nobody likes my posts on facebook and twitter. nobody calls me. and i earn 70$ per month

  1. borntolose borntolose said: not "what do you do?" but "where do you live?". I teach. Anyway, even for the place where I live it is considered to be a very poor remuneration
  2. eastbandit eastbandit said: dang ! what do you do u only earn 70 bucks a month!????
  3. based_god based_god said: atleast you have cacti
  4. shitforbrains shitforbrains said: We should meet
  5. LexLoser LexLoser said: You have to take part in your own rescue... Stop complaining and do something about your life.