I'm a total loser because:

Loser of the Week

I am total loser because I have a lots of talents and dreams and I can't reach it because I am afraid of people, I am suffering from social anxiety since 8 years, I left the university and quit a job, I always avoid social situations because of fear, I don't have friends and I spend almost all the day in the house with the same routine, my dad tell me everyday that I am a loser and he doesn't talk to me anymore, I opened my heart to the person that I loved but after that he started to control me and use my weakness against me he assume that I don't trust in myself and that makes him feel stronger.

I cry all night and sleep the morning... I hate my life everyday !

I don't have the courage to be myself to live the sweet life that I realy want.

  1. aloaqp aloaqp said: Hello, get a job as a street cleaner, garbage boy or bin collector. MOVE OUT OF YOUR DAD'S HOME. Save money every month and send it to a bank to get interest. You can do this.
  2. keanechaplin keanechaplin said: plz giv me your id . i wana talk to you . i really dont care how u look or anything like that i just wana talk to me so plz give me ur fb. mine is keane_chaplin1234@yahoo.com
  3. keanechaplin keanechaplin said: i am 100% just like you. a graduate but no job for 2years.no gf. people take advantage becuz i am kindhearted. i fear talking to people. i am afraid of girls. and just like u i cry everyday and slap myself so hard thinking i ll change after that
  4. keanechaplin keanechaplin thinks you're a loser
  5. jeeturs4 jeeturs4 said: ur life's only truth is ,u wud be die 1 day.so why u afraid frm sme1.be brave nd open ur mind.achieve whtevr u wants to .make future goals nd,try to understand ,if u want to achieve ur goals ,it cn't possible in 1 day or 1month.it takes time ,bt i'm sure