February 26, 2013

"i look at the glass half empty, well actually i realize that the glass is filled with piss. I see so much potential in myself, wasted because i'm not loved by everyone, because i can't please everybody, because im not good enough, i try too hard and think too little. fuck this shit. fuck life. im done."


spoken with words of wisdom

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  1. Superloser Superloser said: Ah, the glass is half piss view of the world. If i've learned anything this year, fuck being nice and start taking everything you can from everyone and run like hell when you've got it. Stop being a loser and start giving people the shit they deserve.

Loser of the Week
October 15, 2012

Yesterday I went to homecoming with a friend that I knew last year. I am in 9th grade. I shouldnt be, im too young and i cant keep up with grades and all of this other stuff going on around me. My parents yell at me every night about my grades... well my dad does, only because my mom has to go to the hospital daily because she has brest cancer. Im ugly, I have acnie all over my face and neck even though I use that stupid face care stuff. i play baseball, I wouldnt say im bad at it but im definately not the good. i dont have a "good friend" thats what sucks the most. All of the people I hang out with are eiather total nerds or socially awquark jsut like me. I cant talk to girls very well, and the people that I actually like to hang out with are hard to talk too because im so different from them. Every night I sit in my bed while playing videogames and petting my cat thomas, thinking about why I cant be... a non-looser. I have been made fun of before, but that was a long time ago. now i'm just im that quite kid that sits in the corner and says things every once in a while. My sister told me that the key to highschool is to make good friends, that arent just firends, but people who will always be there to talk to, people who are reliable. I didnt tell her this, but when she was saying that i was thinking "who the hell am i supposed to make a reliable friend if there isnt anyone who will accept me" I have 3 more years to go, although I just started my freshman year, it seems like I have already failed highschool.

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  1. aloaqp aloaqp said: will things get bette? No
  2. feelingdown feelingdown said: Don't worry man, even if you make those friends you still all go separate ways after high school. Just do things that interest you and have as much fun as you can. Things will get better just be positive.
  3. UseDiscardRepea UseDiscardRepea said: This fucking site is complicated! Try this @ school. 1st walk up to a hot girl @ school and say "May I ask you a question?" She says yes, you ask ""What's your name?" She'll tell you, then walk away! Like you don't give a fuck! Don't say shit else to them
  4. UseDiscardRepea UseDiscardRepea thinks you're a loser
  5. UseDiscardRepea UseDiscardRepea said: Yo, high school is shit! Don't worry so much about it, the best thing you can do is find the hottest girl there, walk up like you don't give a fuck, and introduce yourself. 90% of the time you will spark up a conversation. Women aren't complicated! TRY T