Loser of the Week
September 26, 2010

I flew to Chicago for the weekend for my friend's birthday Friday night and her awesome panel event Saturday night (where she shared a stage with other cool folks like Andy Richter-- to name someone who has been much closer to Conan O'Brien than I have thus far. Dammit). 

Saturday afternoon, we walked around our hotel for a bit and then checked out the neighborhood to find somewhere to grab a snack before her event, settling on a place that had "Pot Belly" in the name which could only mean tasty things.

Once seated, and a few bites into my food, I noiced I was sitting on something uncomfortable. I reached under me and felt nothing but rested my weight back down and there it was again. As covertly as I possibly could, I stuck my hand down my pants and felt... something...which I promptly removed only to reveal a wadded up pair of lace thong underwear which must have found their way into my jeans in my suitcase during the trip.

So, I basically walked all over our hotel and a few blocks around Chicago in tight jeans with an extra pair of underwear masquerading as a very odd bulge just under my butt.

I do know how to work it.

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