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wallowing in misery and depression and self-pity will not help you guys get out of hell. i have some advice to get out of it. there's one thing that all of you have in common, its called playing a victim. you are ALL playing a victim, whether you realize it or not. hopeless victims of circumstance and collateral damage from a world that despises you. THAT attitude is your first problem, playing a victim and having NO self worth or self respect. not valuing your potentials at all and only seeing pure darkness. that is not a reflection of the world, that is a reflection of a broken mind.

you guys are falling victim to society, thats the fucking problem, the media paints a world of AWESOMNESS and you all compare that to your own lives and get depressed because thats not you. bad news guys, the happiness you "see" around you and on tv and movies that you wish you had, is a mirage, the grass is greener effect. (popular images paint hopelessly unrealistic portraits of what happiness means and what life is really all about). also i have some depressed friends over the years and i can tell you, most of the time depressed people are selfish. you heard me. all you care about is yourselves. what I need, what I want. without lifting a finger. why dont you try helping other people and show genuine love for those who need love, volunteer and the like instead of being all about MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME all the fucking time. these depressed people do NOTHING to change any of the bad in their life, just victims who think the world has to bend over backwards to make THEM happy, or else they aren't worth two shits. for fucks sake people... why don't you BECOME somebody worth talking to? BECOME interesting, stop being so shy, withdrawn and worried about being humiliated, and be yourself and get out there into that big world that has really cool and awesome things in it, people are attracted to people who are real and are themselves no matter what they look like. (even if it isn't romantic some of the time) pick a hobby or an interest, and join some kind of group that shares similar interests. THATS how you fucking meet people from scratch if you have no friends, not in bars and parties.

if you're not a TEN on the attractiveness scale....sorry! too bad, settle for your own playing field and stop being so shallow anyways. hey wouldn't it be awesome to be RIDICULOUSLY hot?! and have the girls/guys literally lining up to even be near you?! if thats not you. GET OVER IT. because if you dont you'll be miserable and pitying yourselves forever which IS infinitely worse than just living your life the best you can and having fun. you can work on your body, whiten your teeth, wear nice clothes, practice talking and flirting with girls/guys you aren't attracted to, to build confidence and self esteem. DO THE BEST YOU CAN. and just hope you can pull at least a 6/10. i say all that because a huge reason alot of people are depressed is because they feel unwanted or ugly.

 the world is a harsh and cold place, we ALL know that and its true for us all. you want all the attention and love and respect from everyone around you? start being somebody worthy of those things, and stop pissing and moaning and whining for GOD'S sake. the world will never hand you anything, you have to work for even a SCRAP of love and respect. sorry that you people aren't the most desirable ones in society, welcome to the club most of us aren't. you let movies, music and celebrities get in your head and make you feel even SHITTIER about your average life filled with bullshit and problems like the rest of us normal human beings have to deal with. for god sakes i bet most of you have it pretty godamn good compared to some shitty countries out there. you just can't see it because your so lost in your egotism and self-aggrandazing whining. which brings me to my next point, it seems none of you appreciate ANYTHING you have, you are only capable of seeing the negative, which is why you are all so godamn depressed. learn to be happy with the simple things and the good things that you DO have. stop getting so lost in your own egotistical problems. besides, happy positive people dont like being around depressed negative people, which might explain some of you who feel you have no friends.

life isn't ALL about your ego and how much approval you can get from others (another big reason people get depressed, worrying about what others think all the time). its about growing as a person, enjoying challenges, defeating obstacles, stopping to smell the roses, and helping others. become somebody YOU love, become intimately comfortable with who YOU are and people will be attracted to you. most of you who are wining about life sucking and being alone, how much you want to bet that that shitty attitude comes out in the way you are and the way you act? people aren't stupid, they sense when someone is shitty and not worth being around. thats probably you, the shitty person with low self esteem. people can smell it on you from a mile away....STOP BEING THAT PERSON.

what you put in your mind effects how you think as well. feed your mind positive things (that includes who you hang out with) and you WILL start becoming more positive. stop watching so much godamn mindless garbage on tv, pick up a book, a HAPPY book about positive change in your life, happiness and personal growth. those books do help. pick up hobbies like an instrument. something that will raise your self esteem, a new challenge. change is not instaneous though sorry, you have to CONTINUE over the course of a couple years to transform your negative mind to be more positive and happy, there is no overnight quick cure for how miserable you are, it takes time.

i used to be miserable, picked on in school, no one liked me, no self-esteem, the works. but lately in the past 3 years my life has been AWESOME because I finally changed. it doesn't happen overnight but you have to do it if you ever hope to be happy. i have alot of fun, and i enjoy overcoming lifes challenges. life will never be easy all the time. but the way you percieve things makes 99% of the difference, you have to believe that. is it a road block? a problem?.....or a challenge and a fun obstacle to overcome? it really IS all in your mind folks, you see the world the way you WANT to see it, and if you've been looking at the world in a shitty way all your life, its going to take WORK to change it. if you're too lazy to try then you will ALWAYS be miserable, i promise you, until the day you die. you have to change and its work, there's no other way around it.

please for your own benefit: stop pitying yourself, stop being a victim, and start working on having a better life. we live in the age of information people! you have the entire world at your fingertips on this monitor, look up positive articles to help you change. go to the library or the bookstore and find some self help books.




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