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Loser of the Week
July 5, 2014

you're a victim of your own mind my friends. your mind tells you that you are a loser. i have noticed that most of you are miserable because you are asocial and awkward, can't make friends, feel alone, etc.

its all the same emotion. loneliness and low self esteem. why do you feel so unlikeable? i am genuinely curious. what makes you think nobody on this planet can like or understand you when so many people feel the same way? is it because you see people who you percieve are better than you and you live your life comparing yourselves to them? tell me. why do you feel so alone? can you possibly understand that it is your fault and you have the power to change it?


there are three people in this world. the victims- everthing is out of their control. everything happens TO them, and they feel powerless to change anything at all. the survivors- they are still miserable and they function but they don't try to make it better, they are the ones that say, "barely hanging in there"

and the navigators- they are the ones that realize that they have the power to shape their lives. we all have that ability, but it all depends on whether you are ready to accept that responsibility.

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  1. TotalLoser TotalLoser thinks you're a loser
  2. losersparky losersparky said: Stop trying to make people feel better, your totally missing the point.
  3. astonf1 astonf1 said: no we're not victims of our minds, when im jobeless, 25 years , not social,,, sitting home withmy parents,,, its because of society not my mind