December 1, 2015

im 16 years old and i go to a school called boone grove high school, ive never been happy ever sence i was 9. im so fat and ugly i never got a girlfriend not ever my first kiss, so i guess thats a sign that i will be alone for ever. im so loney i got one friend, if i havent had him as a friend i would of killed myself. he is the only who helps me in this shit. i have a loving family i know that, i just dont want to talk to them about it, they will just flip shit and get pissed saying "stop that your better then this" im sure not. they say your smarter then this but they dont know thay, i get so fucking pissed when people say that like yeah im smart are you in my body do you EVERYTHING about me? no. so lets talk about me school... my school is indiana i dont care if i tell this. my school is all about sex,drugs,weed,beer all that stuff, i know high school that stuff happends i know that its just thats the only thing people talk about. its so fucking annoying i hear it everyday. well thats all i can think of, of my shitty life.. for now... -J