November 11, 2015

Ive been sitting here for 2 years wondering when life will come around for me. I fucking hate everything except the american dream. I want luxury things, i do. But im a piece of shit that doesnt do anything when will i get it. And why the fuck me? I have no friends, no GF lol who the fuck will wanna date a guy like me that doenst have anything going for himself at age 21. No job, no school, and no dream. Might as well donate my body to science put it to some good use. Im not a bad person at all I have the biggest heart in my whole family. I sit here hoping my time will come to find my dream, but I feel like I need approval for anything i wanna do. Not to be judged but why the fuck does it matter... at the end I will still be a piece of shit to people. Been used by my friends, family, by my own piece of shit dad. I am in debt. I have no idea how the fuck will i pay it off. Just got a parking ticket couple weeks ago because my shit ass didnt want to get up and move it becasue i was to tired and didnt care. Great paid 100 for that. Thanks wells Fargo for your credit card. More debt yay. Cant tell between when somethings good happening or it will become a disaster. Im skinny as fuck, no girl likes to date me they just leave because im skinny maybe, idk. I AM LITERALLY A MOVING SHIT. I SHOULD JUST MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT ME BEING LITERALY A MOVING SHIT. Now staring the life of a moving shit and how the day goes by for him.

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