Loser of the Week
July 5, 2013

Nothing real. Nothing productive. I don't know what to do.

I went to university, but I hate my course so I quit.

I'm currently living with my parents, who seriously hate me.

All I think about all day is food and cutting.

I'm constantly reminded of how much of a loser I am.

I'm ugly.

I'm pretty stupid.

I'm almost broke, and I have been trying to find a job for so so long, and realised after no response, who would want to hire a loser like me.

Been looking for an online job instead, but I HAVE NO F***ING IDEA AS TO WHERE TO LOOK. I mean, what's legit?!?

I barely have any friends.

Overdosed a couple of months ago, and no one cared. In fact, my then boyfriend dumped me a week afterwards, as he couldn't be bothered. 


I suck. 


I can't wait to leave.


But I'm too scared to go.

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  1. DaVinci DaVinci said: You should sign up to volunteer at non-profit to get experience and probably get a job. Being a loser at the age of 19 is not a sin, but being a loser at the age of 91 is...
  2. Wiley19 Wiley19 thinks you're a loser
  3. fuckmylife fuckmylife said: I feel just like u I want it to end but I cant do it out of being selfish leaving loved ones wondering...mainly my pets
  4. aloaqp aloaqp thinks you're a loser

July 5, 2013
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