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Loser of the Week
January 1, 2014

I have an eye problem it makes me see worse than everyone else but not enough to be "hey look out she's blind" disabled. so instead of bein pittied or helped I was just riddiculed. ny whole life people have constantly picked on me. I just thought I was the worse peice of shit, but I kept my head up because I was certain that college would get me the career I needed to be a success. well no. now Im a 29 year old married but childless woman. unable to drive and unable to find a career to drive too. I went to one of the best schools in the state and I work at wal-mart. my debt is insane and I don't make enough to even start to pay it off each month. My husband is so nice and normal, he doesmt know why its shameful to have to ride the bus with the stinky alcoholics and drug addicts to my shit-bag job where i make nothing!. I don't have the guts to kill myself and I dont want to hurt my husband anyway. he's all I have after all. My dad is a loser alcoholic that cheats his own family and scams every chance he "God" took my mother with brain cancer and my sister is a heartless selfish person with no money and a penchant for pot and whatever else. I was always told that a bisabilty can make you stronger. and that being smart is more important than looking good. I'm ok looking if you don't count the forceps deant in my head or the rapid eye motions. but smart was one thing I thought I could count on. now I have nothing to count on. I did my best. I never cheated or did drugs or broke any laws. I believed in God and tried to love my enemies. I even went to a 12 for non alcoholics to try and forgive my stupid father for drinking away our family and snorting my college fund up his nose. sometimed you just get dealt shit. and you just have to suck lifes cock every day. thats how I feel.

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  1. Loohooser Loohooser thinks you're a loser
  2. tertoen tertoen said: First of all don't look down on the people that u travel with in the bus and if u think abt it, they r more unfortunate than u. Research online, there r plenty of ways to tackle ur student loan. Good to know that u have a loving husband, u can alys adopt