Loser of the Week
April 22, 2013

everyone is so cold when I'm around not the icebreaker no I am not, I'm like an ice age who froze everyone.

I'm like the seconds in the clock no one notices when i pass by, damn nobody seems to care when I walk around.

like the weeds on the garden I'm infamous and it sucks. the choices I have? whether to leave or get my ass kick out.

I'm like the king of all manuals they are just tired just seeing me around, hey people! I'm something important and deserves a second glance.

hoping someday I'll be the salt of everyone I make all things taste better with just a pinch or more...

the days I have is as trivial as the 1/4 day at the end of a calendar but i wouldn't say I not even that much of man.

I'm a loser, a jinx a piece of dirt on the finest glass. But can I make a change? ofcourse I can, I'm a human engineered by nature to overcome and succeed molded by the Highest being to make a difference in the world of chances.

It will never be better if we always look down and see dirts on the ground because ahead of us is a beautiful horizon where the sun set and rise. and hey every once in a while people gives us chance so don't hide that beautiful smile and good personality even if weird they need us in a lot of ways.

and finally each one of us is loser once in awhile it's only the question of whether we stayed consistent on that job. Life is like the 24 hours each day it passes at its brightest and also gets down to its lowest but no matter how short or long the day is you will always make somebody happy, someone inspired and few grumpy but that is fine cuz losers like us laught it out and hope will finally strike us.



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  1. kortnee kortnee said: no i dont!
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April 18, 2013

Is all life drain out of me? My life sucks so badly that I get this feeling that all things I do, I say and I think just slips away and eaten by time that I just don’t really care cuz it doesn’t make sense anyway. I am really anxious because my life is so static that it is just drains the happiness out of me. I always wonder why I lack social skills and that every interaction I have always becomes so awkward that I end up dumbfounded. I really hate myself everything I even hate tiny details that I seem to care is now all oblivion.

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April 17, 2013

I'm am turning 24 this coming october and its getting me so anxious because i felt there is nothing turning in my life that is good. i have always been an achiever but after graduation i started spiraling down on few ocassion i got so depress  i was sobbing all night and was not eating all. I am a registered nurse but i can't seem to find a decent work i have tried everything and even applied to jobs i am not accustomed to but whatever i do i only end up left hanging (just a little more to get the job but failed).lately, when I wake up I tried to do my habit of thanking God for the wonderful morning but deep inside I am so tired of doing nothing and being rejected. almost all my friends have work now and i feel the pressure so much more now.I just really want to get my life rolling I never felt this badly in my entire life sometimes i want to die all I ever wanted was to get a decent job and help in the house but now im turning just another JUNK here. If i could just end my life without anyone getting hurt and my parent not getting so depress i would I LIKE YOU GUYS FEELS that I AM JUST A WASTE OF SPACE a tree would have more use than me. I just wish you guys that we all pray for each other and have little hope because that is what we we can hope for....

P.S. i wish i getting terrible nightmare that i won't wake up:(

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