April 2, 2015

 i was successful before now i  feel like I'm  totally piece of crab ,  the society around me wouldn't expect me , at least  if it's need something from me , i don't have friends , i don't have anything to do i've burned out my self helping the others in the end the all ignored me , every night i ask my self why i borned into this world , i don't do anything to deserve this,  even my family ignored me , i don't have no one in this world i don't have nothing 

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  1. kanno316 kanno316 said: Just nothing the situation got worse....if there were any planet or place where i can feel more like human i would love to skip to it !! Really i can't even breath,
  2. ash225 ash225 said: Dear same is with me, so what u do in such case?