July 29, 2015

my whole life I care about other people that much that Iforget to take care of myself, evrybody betrayed me and take advantage of kindness, and I allways think that everything will get better, what a looser... nobody gives a crap everybody I met are backstabers, they only wants to take and take and Im sick of it...but there is nothing I can do...Ihope one day I will have the courage to send everybody where they belong...loosers

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  1. art3mis art3mis said: I recommend reading Sherman Alexie's "Flight". It's about this zitty bullied kid who shoots up a bank, and through a series of time and body travels, gains empathy. Also, therapy could help you learn the pattern that keeps you choosing abusive people.
  2. looseintime4eve looseintime4eve said: Thanks no1willeverloveme, you words mean a lot to me
  3. no1willeverlove no1willeverlove said: Take care ♡
  4. no1willeverlove no1willeverlove said: Please dont let other individuals rotten hearts make yours hurt, its not worth it, if you stop caring who will? Neverthess love and care for yourself first so that you can give love and care too, can't pour care into another life without being full of it
  5. no1willeverlove no1willeverlove said: People tend to have no gratitude these days, we live in terrible times but Im thankful for the few like yourself that have placed others happiness first before their own bc of minds like yours this place is a wonderful place. Thank you so much for that.
  6. totalfreak1 totalfreak1 thinks you're a loser