Loser of the Week
February 3, 2013

I have lot of reason to call myself a loser. I've always been a loser from my childhood.(i am 22 yrs )


 My current situation is very very pathetic. I have got nothing to do in my life. Every day is is so boring and dull. I don't go to college , just spend my whole time in my room watching tv playing computer games and sleeping and eating. I am very very unsocial animal (got no friend to hang around) always lonely. Since I've got nothing to do I surf all the porographic website at night cause i cannot sleep early (curretly its 2:08 am and I haven't slept) I always get up after 8 am in morning.


 But I want to change my life.



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  1. iraqstar iraqstar said: get married .
  2. tracydove tracydove said: i will suck your dick
  3. aloaqp aloaqp said: Your life is my dreamt life, why need change? Unless you are living at your parents' expense then good luck, you gonna rot until you awake, someday, or never, thing is: it's your life, rock it baby.
  4. LooserGaggy LooserGaggy said: Guess I am not the only Looser in this entire world. Exact same story, I feel like i finally know someone who understands me. (Dont get the wrong idea...... I AM NOT TRYING TO HIT ON U LOOOOSER)
  5. LooserGaggy LooserGaggy thinks you're a loser
  6. Superloser Superloser said: Keep rockin' that porn loser! When your life has no direction porn seems to be the answer. It's not you'll get laid being a jobless bitch, so you might as well. I'll be right there next to ya! (Metaphorically - i won't be in the same room looking at porn)
  7. Marian00 Marian00 thinks you're a loser
  8. Marian00 Marian00 said: So similar to me. I would have written the same thing.
  9. FuckingLoserIAm FuckingLoserIAm thinks you're a loser